Purifaaya: Revolutionizing Safe Water Drinking in Uganda

Purifaaya Filters
Purifaaya Filters

Purifaaya is a ceramic water filter made in Uganda by Spouts of Water. They work closely with partners such as Viva Con Agua and Welthungerhilfe to ensure everyone in Uganda have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Safe drinking water is a big issue not only in Uganda or Africa but all around the world. Some places around the world can’t even imagine the possibility of having pure or germless water to drink. This is unacceptable considering safe drinking water is a human right.

Purifaaya ceramic water filters are made from clay and the technology used for filtration has been tested and approved by the Ministry of Water in Uganda, as well as abiding by some international water standards. This means that Purifaaya is not a scam but something that you and your communities can trust to protect you from water related sicknesses. Purifaaya filters out 99.9% of germs and bacteria in your water that causes water borne illnesses leaving it pure enough for any human being to consume it without any subsequent problems.

One major factor that was a driving force to the creation or the birth of Purifaaya ceramic filters was the high costs of drinking water in Uganda. Bottled water in Uganda goes for approximately 0.25 Euros/US$ for 0.5 liters of water. This might seem cheap or affordable in many countries around the world, but for countries where most households live on less than UGX 8,000 (2 Euros) a day it is too costly. The average spend on drinking water by an individual in Uganda ranges between UGX 350,000/- (US$105) and UGX 500,000/- (US$135) and this is quite costly.

With Purifaaya you will only spend the initial cost to buy the filter which ranges from UGX 90,000/= (US$25)  for the 20 liters version (recommended for family and smaller groups) and 300,000/= (US$84) for the bigger size (65 liters) which is recommended for office use, medical centers, salons, schools and other bigger communities. After spending the initial cost to buy tour ceramic filter, you will only need tap water or water from the well or your preferred source and that’s all! No more spending excessively on getting clean and safe drinking water for you and the family.

PurifaayaPurifaaya Delivery CentralNot only is Purifaaya cheaper than your usual water purification systems but it is also saving our environment from excessive plastics that kill our soil as well as block drainage systems around us. Purifaaya is here to cut down on one-time-use plastics and also reduction of carbon emission from burning fuels as some of its core mandates.

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