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Viva Purifaaya

Viva Purifaaya

UGX 180,000

Viva Purifaaya is the latest member of the Purifaaya family, a ceramic water filter with a total capacity of 30 litres and a storage capacity of up to 20 litres. It is highly effective, providing 99.99% protection against germs and bacteria without the need for boiling.

With a filtration rate of 3-4 litres per hour, it can serve up to fifteen people and requires no power source. Viva Purifaaya offers a simple and convenient way to enjoy pure water in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.



The Viva Purifaaya™, the latest addition to the Purifaaya Family, designed for households, and small offices is a 30-litre capacity filter with an average filtration rate of 3.5L/hr and also includes a stand. ….Read More